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The relationship with our customers is of great importance to us. We believe in a partnership where you not only share knowledge but also smart and sustainable solutions. In this way any company can be made a success with the right partners.

Our clients include cloud service providers, governmental bodies, care institutions, and the corporate market. What they have in common is that ICT is essential to their services. We are indeed proud that they have chosen to house their critical equipment with us.

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When we heard the news that a new data centre would establish here in Delft, we didn’t hesitate to contact them. TDCG is around the corner of our office, but the short distance wasn’t the only reason we choose TDCG. The company is professional;
everything is organized down to the last detail. The staff is experienced and maintain a huge know-how of their business. Our equipment is secured, 24/7, 356 days around and with all the double checkups we can assure extra reliability towards our
Reliability and trust is the fundament of our company and we’ve found a reliable and trustworthy partner in The Datacenter Group. I’d describe the company as flexible and decisive. The staff is the foundation of the company and have a huge know-how. TDCG is a horizontal organisation with a flexible attitude, which flows from management to the engineers.
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We will upload a testimonial soon
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Our customers have but one important demand: the availability of their systems needs to be optimal. We make that happen due to our fast thinking and adaptability and by using a reliable data centre. The innovative and green character of the build and exploitation of both their data centres are major reasons why we like to cooperate with TDCG.
When BAM joined TDCG, our ICT department had the opportunity to set up a totally new data centre network and create a new logical and physical layout of our system landscape. It resulted in a structured and more controllable network and our ICT
systems are working better and faster. TDCG worked actively along with us to (re)organize over 30 cages that host our
We’re a major international company in the online gaming industry, and our platform needs to be available 24/7. Thanks to TDCG we can live up to that standard. TDCG is prepared for the future. This is a time where data centres keep mushrooming and it’s important to operate at the highest level at all times. You need to be prepared if you want to join the big players out there and that’s exactly what TDCG is doing. They maintain a high ratio of price/quality: you really get value for your money. We’ll never leave TDCG!
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We will upload a testimonial soon
Our previous data centre didn’t provide continuity of our services and gave us nothing but stress. But that resolved as soon as we stored our data with TDCG. They also provide a handy and flexible service, called Remote Hands Service. We can call
upon the staff at anytime and don’t have to come down to the data centre for every challenge.
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We will upload a testimonial soon
Due to the increasing demands of our customers for a twin data centre and safer cloud solutions, we were looking for extra capacity and a second location for a data centre. Along with other considerations we decided to cooperate with TDCG. Our costumers now have the opportunity to store their data and equipment strategically and safely in two locations. Furthermore, the digital warehouse of TDCG is equipped with the latest systems and provides a superfast fibreglass connection.
The digital warehouse meets all of the technical requirements. We were one of the first customers at TDCG and they never failed to deliver. They have everything organized down to the last detail, are helpful and friendly and stand by their word, all of the employees. It is characteristic for the organization.
We have stored our data centre with TDCG since April 2013, happily embracing their green view. Due to our transfer to TDCG, we can now offer our customers not only a reliable and stable environment, but a greener one as well. With the expansion of our data centre, Ormer ICT is fully prepared for the future.
We are the largest domain name- and cloud provider in the Netherlands and still growing, so we needed a data centre that could develop and grow with us. TDCG is the foundation of all our technical systems. Without the data centre, power, availability and connectivity, TransIP can’t deliver any service. We’ve developed a warm and sympathetic contact with the staff. Problems are resolved immediately and they strategize along with us. We’re not just a number at TDCG; we know each other.
In 2012 we were looking for a reliable data centre close to our office. Even before the building of the actual data centre started, I signed a contract with TDCG. All there was, was a plot and big plans. But being presented with their plans and the laudatory credentials of their customers, I had no doubt I could sing the contract based on trust. The data centre is beautiful, the service is excellent and the know-how of the engineers is outstanding. With the use of the Remote Hands Service I can deploy the guys whenever I need them.
After a successful European tendering process, we’ve stored our critical data at The Data Centre Group in Amsterdam. Now that TDCG completely takes care of our data, we at GVB can fully focus on our main priority: taking care of the tens of thousands travellers crossing Amsterdam every day. TDCG guarantees the quality of hosting our ICT facilities.
We have entrusted our businesscritical data, and indirectly the lives of our patients, with TDCG. While we take care of our patients, TDCG takes care of our company. They meet all the standards, are flexible and they think along with us. The hypermodern data centre is considerate of man and environment. We’ve found the desired partnership with TDCG and our healthcare communications are in safe hands.