The Datacenter Group consists of four datacenters - Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam and Utrecht - which are under our own management. Regardless of the size of your organization or growth, our solutions always fit and will grow along with your business. Whether it be a single rack or a complete data room; your IT is our business!
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Would you like to house your infrastructure in geographically separate locations? The Datacenter Group offers over 20.000 m2 of server rooms spread out over four datacenters. A twin datacenter solution ensures your business-critical data and connectivity are always available.
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All of The Datacenter Group's datacenters are cloud- as well as carrier-neutral. This means that that not only do you have ample choice from the present national and international internet and cloud providers, but redundancy can also easily be arranged.
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Would you like to know what you can save or improve by moving your IT environment to an external datacenter? Our IT professionals would be happy to speak with you to map out your IT situation, and will help list the pros and cons to your IT questions.
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As proof of the continuous attention to the quality of our services, security of information, and care in our dealings with the environment, The Datacenter Group has achieved a variety of certifications and memberships for all locations. These certifications are annually checked by an independent auditor.
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Need a fast and reliable network connection? Via the AMS-IX platform you can securely and directly peer with 800+ network and cloud providers from all over the world. Traffic peaks at over 5 Terabits per second.
The Datacenter Group has developed a cloud platform for the business market. Within this marketplace filled with providers you can find the best IT services for your organization in just a few clicks.
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Do you have your IT equipment on premise,  and are considering relocating to a professional datacenter? Or are you looking for another datacenter location to be able to safely and securely store a backup? Perhaps you’d like to speak with one of our IT professionals about your current IT situation. Whatever the question may be: you are more than welcome to visit our datacenter with no strings attached. During your visit we will answer all of your questions. The coffee and a treat are waiting for you!


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In the brochure you will find a more extensive explanation of our services and our datacenters, located in Amsterdam and Delft. On the last pages you will find the spec sheets of both Amsterdam as well as Delft. This way you have a clear overview of the most important features.


Simon Vermeer
Chief Information Officer

As a hospital you are simply not equipped to furnish a datacenter that complies with all the standards and certifications. The highest availability and security also require specialized expertise. By outsourcing our entire IT infrastructure we can direct all our focus to our core task: providing the best care to our patients.

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Sjaak Jobses
System Architect

We are the largest domain name- and cloud provider in the Netherlands and still growing, so we needed a datacenter that could develop and grow with us. TDCG is the foundation of all our technical systems. Without the datacenter, power, availability and connectivity, TransIP can’t deliver any services. We’ve developed a warm and sympathetic contact with the staff. Problems are resolved immediately and they strategize along with us. At TDCG we don’t just feel like a number, but a person.

Bas van Kan

After a successful European tendering process, we’ve stored our critical data at The Datacenter Group in Amsterdam. Now that TDCG completely takes care of our data, we at GVB can fully focus on our main priority: taking care of the transport for tens of thousands of travelers in and around Amsterdam every day. TDCG can guarantee quality in the hosting of our IT resources.

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Patrick Spierings
Manager IT Services

When BAM joined TDCG, this move offered our IT department the opportunity to set up a totally new datacenter network and create a new logical and physical layout of our system landscape. This resulted in a structured and more controllable network. TDCG actively worked alongside us to (re)organize the server racks that host our IT equipment.


Jeroen van den Nouwland

Our previous datacenter didn’t provide continuity of our services and gave us nothing but stress. This was resolved as soon as we stored our data with TDCG. In addition, we are very pleased to be able to use the Remote Hands Service every now and then. This means we don’t have to come down to the datacenter for every challenge.

The datacenter is located just a stone’s throw away from our office. Though distance was obviously not the only reason for our move. What also played a role was the company’s professionalism; everything is taken care of up to the smallest details. The staff knows what they’re doing. Our equipment is secured 365 days a year, 24/7, and because everything is installed redundantly, we offer extra reassurance towards our customers as well.

Sander Rimmelzwaan
Project Manager Communication Infrastructure

We have entrusted our business critical data, and indirectly the lives of our patients, with TDCG. While we take care of our patients, TDCG takes care of our company. They meet all the standards, are flexible and they think along with us. The hyper-modern datacenter is considerate of man and environment. We’ve found our desired partnership in TDCG and our healthcare communications are in safe hands.

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Jeroen van Diesen
IT Service Manager

Due to the increase in bookings Riksja was forced to restructure its server park. You can have great travel experts working for you but when the back-end is unavailable customers will most definitely stay away. Service and technology are irrevocably connected in our business. The future datacenter therefore needed to comply with a number of technical demands, as well being flexible and providing a high availability. After visiting The Datacenter Group there was hardly any persuasion necessary to make the move. Our core business is selling custom vacations. That’s what we’re good at. The core business of the datacenter is to provide excellent cooling and fire safety for our equipment. These are now aspects we no longer have to worry about.

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Jasper Algra

When we heard the news that a new datacenter was to be established here in Delft, we didn’t hesitate to contact them. TDCG is around the corner from our office, but the short distance wasn’t the only reason we chose TDCG. The company is professional; everything is organized down to the last detail. The staff is experienced and maintain a huge know-how of their business. Our equipment is secured 24/7/356  and with all the double checkups we can ensure extra reliability towards our costumers.

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Emile Kouer

In 2012 we were looking for a reliable datacenter close to our office. Even before the building of the actual datacenter started, I signed a contract with TDCG. All there was, was a plot and big plans. But being presented with their plans and the laudatory credentials of their customers, I had no doubt I could sign the contract based on trust. Up to this day TDCG has stood by its words and plans. The datacenter is beautiful, the service is excellent and the expertise of the engineers is outstanding. With the use of the Remote Hands Service I can deploy the guys whenever I need them. TDCG is doing exactly what they say they do: guaranteeing continuity and reliability of our servers.

Peter de Jong

Due to the increasing demands of our customers for a twin datacenter and safer cloud solutions, we were looking for extra capacity and a second location for a datacenter. These and other considerations brought us to a collaboration with TDCG. Our costumers now have the opportunity to store their data and equipment strategically and securely in two locations. Furthermore, TDCG is a company that values quality, sustainability and innovation, just like us. And on top of that, the digital warehouse of TDCG is equipped with the latest systems and provides an extremely fast optic fiber connection.

Amon F. Endt
President & Founder

As global player in the online gaming industry, our platform needs to always be available. TDCG makes this possible for us. The datacenter is prepared for the future. In a time where new datacenters are popping up everywhere, it’s important to operate at a high level. You need to have your things in order to be able to compete at the highest level, and that’s what TDCG does. They have a good price-quality ratio. We’re never leaving TDCG.

Hanc de Bokx

We provide secure, modular, and sustainable IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses through a national network of local 1A partners. We expect the same level of quality from our suppliers. TDCG does exactly what it should: they offer certainty and business continuity. For our activities we were looking for a green datacenter. A datacenter with attention to people and planet. We have found this in TDCG. The way in which they manifest themselves matched our business philosophy. It’s a professional datacenter that uses innovative, sustainable solutions to minimize the energy usage. They present themselves in a solid yet flexible way towards their clients.

Niels Raijer

Thanks to TDCG’s flexibility we are able to offer solutions that fit the customer’s project very quickly and efficiently. The bandwidth that Fusix Networks offers in both TDCG locations, combined with their superior delivery of rack space and cross connects ensures success for our network design projects from start to finish.

Vincent Suurenbroek

Reliability and trust is the foundation of our company and we’ve found a reliable and trustworthy partner in The Datacenter Group. Since the beginning of TDCG we have entrusted our critical data to them. I’d describe the company as flexible and decisive. The staff forms the backbone of the company and have a great deal of knowledge and experience. TDCG is a horizontal organisation with a flexible attitude, which flows from management to the engineers. Furthermore, TDCG maintains a good price/quality ratio and offer a complete business model, reflecting their philosophy.

Wim Verveen
IT Director

Ormer ICT has over 20 years of experience in the area of IT services, ranging from outsourcing and projects to delivering IT professionals in consulting. In order to deliver the best standards and service to our costumers, we continuously innovate and develop. We have housed our environment with TDCG since April 2013, happily embracing their green view. Due to our transfer to TDCG, we can now not only offer our customers a reliable and stable environment, but a greener one as well. With the expansion of our datacenter, Ormer ICT is fully prepared for the future.

Christiaan den Besten

As one of the first customers in Delft, we have seen The Datacenter Group grow into a very successful but above all customer-friendly datacenter. Solution-oriented and a personal approach is what our partnership stands for.

Elmar Pigeaud

We have seen the inside of many datacenters, but not one of them can trump TDCG. They are a sustainable and energy efficient business that puts a high priority on people and the environment. It is also a progressive business that makes use of the newest technologies. That makes us very happy. Security is automated so you hardly have to wait when you’ve registered with the datacenter. Another big plus is that they have everything in-house. Forgot a tool? They’ve got one. In addition, we can request engineer assistance at any time. We are kept up to date with any maintenance tests they conduct on a monthly basis. This means they can always detect possible obstacles in advance. Many datacenters don’t do this and are thus unprepared when it comes to calamities.

Marijn Schoonen

SorsIT specializes in developing, hosting, managing and maintaining information systems and focuses on Oracle Technology. Our customers have but one important demand: the availability of their systems needs to be optimal. We make that happen due to our fast thinking and adaptability and by using a reliable datacenter. TDCG gives us the possibility to offer our customers total solutions. The datacenter has been a great and reliable partner for years. The innovative and green character of the build and exploitation of both their datacenters are major reasons why we like to cpllaborate with TDCG.

Marc van Uunen
Coordinator Cluster Information & Automation

Outsourcing one of the two business critical datacenters was the best business decision Delfland made in 2012. Before, the complete responsibility of the power supply, fire safety, and security of data lay with the IT department. Now we can leave this in the capable hands of The Datacenter Group. The security of Delfland is important to the 1,2 million inhabitants of our area. It would be a right disaster if our pumping stations could no longer be controlled, or if the water treatment plant went offline. The services offered by The Datacenter Group comply with all our wishes and demands. In addition, it is important to us to be able to identify with the businesses we collaborate with. The way they handle CO2 emissions fits with our business philosophy. TDCG is also a decisive business, where communication lines are short, and employees think along with us. They are an absolute relief to us when it comes to maintaining a datacenter.

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