About us

The Datacenter Group is a 100% Dutch business with four hypermodern datacenters in Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam and Utrecht. We serve a variety of cloud and hosting providers, large businesses, and government institutions by housing their IT infrastructure. We form a basis for public transport, electronic payment traffic, medical procedures, dike monitoring and about 5% of the Dutch internet.

Our facilities, 20.000 m2 combined, are some of the most sustainable datacenters in the Netherlands. The systems that keep the thousands of computers in Amsterdam and Delft cool were developed in-house and enable us to limit our impact on the environment.

This energy efficiency is also expressed as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). The closer this value comes to 1, the more efficient a datacenter operates. Since we started using our own cooling systems our PUE-value has dropped to 1.15. Most datacenters have an average PUE-value of 1.5 or higher.


It’s important to us to build a good one-on-one relationship with our clients and we apply a ‘client first’ policy. This shows in our annual customer satisfaction survey. On average we reach a score of 8,3 out of 10.


TDCG wants to be a market leader in reliable, regional datacenters, with a network consisting of ten datacenters, covering all of the Netherlands. This makes us the ideal datacenter partner for both national and international organizations looking to securely store their data in the Netherlands.


For over ten years TDCG has been a reliable foundation for the IT platforms of our customers. We do this through open communication and thinking along with our clients. We wish to exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of quality and reliability.


Our core values function as a compass and make up the very essence of our business culture. It says something about how we deal with each other as well as our customers. As a result of our open business culture, everyone feels secure and comfortable to share knowledge and experiences. We are proud ambassadors of TDCG and take pride in our customers.

100% uptime

We were once a hosting business ourselves. This means that we know exactly which challenges our customers face, what’s happening in the market, and which standards a datacenter must live up to. For over ten years we have been making sure our customers are always online, accessible from anywhere. One of the ways we ensure this is by securing our datacenters 24/7, continuously improving our business processes, and by hiring the best people.

100% growth

For over ten years we’ve been growing alongside our customers. We do this through flexible growth programs and scalable datacenter services that offer customers the opportunity to swiftly capitalize on growth and changes in the market. In addition, we like to help our customers shape their cloud proposition and realize their growth ambitions by developing successful sales and marketing strategies together.

100% satisfaction

According to our customers we are a joy to work with. They deem flexibility to be one of our strong suits, as well as the fact that we listen to them, and the way we fulfill our promises. The customer satisfaction survey shows that on average customers rate us at 8,3 out of 10. We are of the strong opinion that customers should be able to focus on their cloud services, without having to worry about the datacenter foundation.


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