About us

The Datacenter Group is a 100% Dutch business with four hypermodern datacenters in Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam and Utrecht. We serve a variety of cloud and hosting providers, large businesses, and government institutions by housing their IT infrastructure. We form a basis for public transport, electronic payment traffic, medical procedures, dike monitoring and about 5% of the Dutch internet.

Our facilities, 20.000 m2 combined, are some of the most sustainable datacenters in the Netherlands. The systems that keep the thousands of computers in Amsterdam and Delft cool were developed in-house and enable us to limit our impact on the environment.


The Datacenter Group was founded in 2007 by three young entrepreneurs: Ali Niknam (CEO bunq and The Datacenter Group shareholder), Siemon van den Berg (CEO and shareholder at The Datacenter Group) and Raymond Kasiman (CTO TransIP) with the idea of providing co-location services that are affordable, energy-efficient and technically unequaled.

It can definitely be said that these gentlemen have earned their stripes within the IT sector. Curious about their story? Image from left to right: Ali, Siemon and Raymond.


Ambition is a term that best describes our business. Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to be the largest Dutch datacenter player in 2025, with 10 locations spread out over the country. We reach this goal by growing fast and realizing takeovers of other datacenters. Our team of professionals is extremely driven to continue to build on the success of The Datacenter Group, and reach great achievements together.


According to our customers we are a joy to work with and very flexible to boot. But don’t let this cheerful image fool you. We are strict when we need to be and flexible where possible. It’s important to us to build a good one-on-one relationship with our clients and we apply a ‘client first’ policy. This shows in our annual customer satisfaction survey. On average we reach a score of 8,5 out of 10.


At The Datacenter Group we have a business culture that promotes a great working climate, not just among colleagues, but also with our clients. Our colleagues, also called ‘Datatoppers’, all possess the following key values:


Our passion is not only expressed in the quality of our services, it also characterizes the personality of our people. We are well aware of the fact that without enthusiastic and passionate employees a company cannot be successful. Our team consists of result-oriented professionals for whom the best is par for the course. We are the DNA of The Datacenter Group and a delight to work with.


We don’t just say what we stand for, we like to show this with our actions. Our clients, who have remained loyal since the company was set up in 2007, are proof that we do not just make pretty promises. We have GUTS and dare to stray from well-traveled paths in order to boost results. Trust is the root of our actions. We place great value on the agreements that we make with our clients, suppliers, as well as our employees.


Our business operations contribute to a sustainable living environment. We recycle materials and only use clean energy sources.  To us, sustainable entrepreneurship also means building a good relationship with our clients, partners, and employees. This conviction is deeply ingrained in our business strategy and is reflected in everything we do.


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