Our team

The team at The Datacenter Group consists of experienced people who will gladly assist you, each in their specialized field. They provide the best service and quality on a daily basis, as you have come to expect from us. Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always glad to help you along.

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Daan Posthuma
Chief Operating Officer
Martijn Kandelaar
Project Manager (Interim)
Rob Teeuwen
Mission Critical Technician
Daley Jager
Service Delivery Manager
Terrence Rengelink
Service Delivery Manager
John Cammenga
Facility Engineer
Matthias Wiebenga
Facility Engineer
Leen de Mik
Project Engineer
Engineer Amsterdam
Engineer Amsterdam
Siemon van den Berg
Chief Executive Officer
Arno Suers
Chief Technology Officer
Edwin Kennedy
Chief Commercial Officer
Arno Tukker
Business Controller
Lisa da Licho
Marketing Manager
Jerry Gopal
Business Development Manager
Aike Rosdorff
Account Manager
Yde van Opstal
Marketing Employee
Jet Barendregt - Lunsingh Tonckens
Human Resource Manager