Festive opening of 14th AMS-IX POP at The Datacenter Group

The 14th Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Point Of Presence (POP) was festively opened at The Datacenter Group (TDCG) in Amsterdam. From now on, existing as well as new customers of the datacenter can officially make use of the AMS-IX platform, an environment in which over 800 networks exchange traffic. With the launch of the platform, TDCG becomes the 14th datacenter with which AMS-IX has extended its reach. A point of note is that customers of TDCG’s location in Delft can also connect to the AMS-IX platform via the AMS-IX POP of TDCG in Amsterdam.

Festive beginnings

The completion of the new POP was celebrated with AMS-IX executives, including CEO and founder of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, Job Witteman and CCO Jesse Robbers. Robbers looks forward to a fruitful and tight-knit collaboration: “The 14th POP at The Datacenter Group offers AMS-IX customers and members more diversity in the area of datacenter space. The other way around the AMS-IX POP offers new and existing customers of TDCG access to our platform with over 800 potential parties with whom to exchange IP and internet traffic. The commercial interaction between AMS-IX and TDCG is one of the many examples in which AMS-IX has been strengthening the digital infrastructure in the Netherlands and the rest of the world for over 20 years.”

CTO and co-founder of AMS-IX, Henk Steenman and Martijn Kandelaar, Datacenter Manager Amsterdam, have ensured that the technical provisioning ran smoothly. Steenman: “Globally we see strong growth in all aspects of internet traffic in the coming years. Because the Netherlands is one of the major interconnection hubs for many international providers, we also expect a further growth of traffic at AMS-IX. For that reason, we will continue to invest and innovate on a technical level. The large concentration of providers connected to AMS-IX in the Netherlands and the expected growth will bode opportunities and possibilities for the digital infrastructure. The addition of TDCG as 14th POP is in line with our vision and we are pleased with the technical provisioning, which are in line with our high standards and requirements.”

Launch online service portal at TDCG

In addition to the technical provisioning of AMS-IX The Datacenter Group has also launched an online portal: http://ams-ix.thedatacentergroup.eu. Through this website customers can compile ‘racks’ online, ranging from a quarter to a half or whole rack with matching AMS-IX connectivity, power supply, fiber patches and Power Distribution Units (PDUs). According to TDCG’s CEO, Siemon van den Berg, this is a first in the datacenter business: “We are moving with the times. Customers want to purchase online services, without having to visit their physical location. Up till now it wasn’t possible to compile racks in this way in the Netherlands. Due to AMS-IX’s international positioning and excellent peering infrastructure we are able to better serve international organizations with this portal.”

Van den Berg emphasizes that customers of their Delft datacenter can also benefit from the 800+ networks make available by AMS-IX, which includes numerous internet- and content-providers, cloud- and hosting-providers and mobile network providers. “Between our two datacenters lies a redundant fiber ring. This enables us to also offer the AMS-IX services in Delft.”