Is your business-critical infrastructure housed securely?

A quality IT environment has very specific demands in the areas of efficiency, security, and energy and cooling facilities. This is why a datacenter is by far the best place for your IT environment. But how do you know that your business-critical infrastructure is housed securely, and that you can access it when needed? We are happy to show you how we at The Datacenter Group safeguard this for you.

Availability and security

The datacenters of The Datacenter Group have all been built according to Tier 3 standards. This means that we offer an availability of 99,999 percent. In practice we boast a 100 percent availability since our founding. One of the ways we achieve this is through strict procedures, extensive external audits, regular tests, and the use of the newest technical infrastructure. One of these tests is the monthly Black Building test, in which a power outage is simulated. This tests whether all emergency generators are functioning in compliance with the highest demands. During these tests our batteries, UPS’ (Uninterruptible Power Supply) diesel tanks, pumps, and emergency generators are employed.

In addition, all our datacenters are secured both physically as well as digitally, which makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to enter the premises. Our datacenters feature several layers of physical security such as cameras and biometric access control. Visitors only gain access to rooms necessary for their visit. Our security processes are guaranteed through our ISO27001 certification; the standard for information security. We also comply with the information security standard for the healthcare sector: NEN7510.

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Fireproof and energy-efficient

All rooms in our datacenters are equipped with automatic extinguishing installations that during a calamity are activated according to the fire management protocol. In addition, all rooms are also equipped with a VESDA-system (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus). This system measures the amount of dust particles in the air using a laser and can thus detect a potential fire at a very early stage.

The adiabatic climate control system at the Amsterdam and Delft locations was developed by The Datacenter Group. This cooling system allows us to indirectly cool your IT equipment using outside air, making the datacenter more energy efficient. This is also reflected in our PUE score, which is 1,15 on average. For our energy needs we make use of sustainable wind farms as much as possible.

Redundancy and SLA

Redundancy ensures your business-critical data is always available and safeguards the connectivity of your systems. Because The Datacenter Group has multiple datacenters spread out geographically, there are several options for secure backups or fallback locations; for example, a twin datacenter.

When you choose one of our datacenters to house your IT environment, The Datacenter Group provides an extensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). This agreement contains a detailed description of the services purchased, our practices, and guarantees. This offers you the assurance that these services will be provided without interruption 24/7/365.

IT QuickScan

Do you want to make sure your IT environment is in a secure location? An environment that complies with all technical demands? Out technical specialists would be happy to visit your establishment and do a QuickScan according to the NEN 3140 standard. The specialist will do a thorough check of the electrical installations of your internal datacenter(s). After the audit you will receive a report containing (when applicable) recommendations. In addition, we will provide advice and guide you in setting up your rack(s) free of charge. Our knowledge and expertise can help increase the lifespan of your IT equipment and at the same time help save energy. Beneficial for both the environment and your wallet. Curious? Request a free IT-audit.

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