Five reasons to choose a cloud and carrier neutral datacenter

A datacenter that is completely independent of cloud and network providers is called a cloud and carrier neutral datacenter. Because there is a variety of cloud providers present in the datacenter, the client can choose for themselves which carrier or provider makes the best fit.

A cloud and carrier neutral datacenter is basically a connectivity hub where a number of cloud and network providers have a physical PoP (Point of Presence) or equipment. As a result, the clients purchasing rack space in the datacenter can create a direct connection to the provider. These direct connections facilitate speed as well as low latency. Increasingly often, cloud and carrier neutrality is becoming an important requirement in the decision making process for colocation. And yet this freedom of choice is not the only advantage when choosing a cloud and carrier neutral datacenter. We’ve listed a few of them for you.

1. Redundancy

As a result of the various carriers entering the datacenter through the meet-me-room, clients can choose from a variety of network providers. This also makes it easy to realize redundancy. Should one network connection drop, data traffic can easily be re-routed over the network of another provider. This way clients never need to suffer from systems or applications not being available due to a network failure.

2. Portability

Migrating an IT environment to a colocation is an extensive, complex and risky endeavor. It makes sense that organizations do not want to do this more often than necessary. Since a cloud and carrier neutral datacenter houses a variety of IT service providers, clients can easily move from one provider to another without having to physically leave the building, or having to change IP addresses.

3. On top of innovation

The developments in our digital world happen in rapid succession. Multi-sourcing is becoming ever more important when outsourcing IT services. A cloud and carrier neutral datacenter houses many different providers in the areas of cloud, hosting, infrastructure, and connectivity. Because all these businesses are clustered so closely together, they are easily approachable for the cultivation of valuable partnerships which promote innovation. Presence in a datacenter that houses such an innovative community of providers, offers the opportunity to be able to quickly profit from new trends, services, and developments.

4. Freedom

A cloud and carrier neutral datacenter doesn’t just offer freedom of choice in cloud and network services, but also provides clients with the certainty that there is no danger of a vendor lock-in with commercial services of the datacenter owner. In addition, it offers maximum flexibility when it comes to choice of hardware, internet services and cabling. In a datacenter housing an internet exchange, clients are also offered the option and freedom to link directly with networks of others.

5. Cost-efficiency

Last, but definitely not least, are the favorable prices clients in a cloud and carrier neutral datacenter can often bargain for IT services. Internal competition between providers can prove beneficial for clients and prospects of the datacenter.

All under one roof

All datacenters of The Datacenter Group are cloud as well as carrier neutral. With an abundance of connectivity and cloud providers The Datacenter Group offers maximum freedom of choose to its clients. In addition, AMS-IX has a physical PoP in the Amsterdam datacenter.

Would you like to know more about the cloud and carrier neutral datacenters of The Datacenter Group, take a look at our list of connectivity providers, download the factsheet brochure with all relevant information, or make a non-binding appointment.


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