Four reasons your IT environment belongs with colocation

The requirements in the areas of efficiency, security, energy and cooling resources that need to be met in order to house a first-rate IT environment, are so specific that they require a specialized facility. Colocation is by far the best place for your IT environment. 

The Dutch Datacenter Association recently calculated that 60 percent of large businesses in the Netherlands still have their IT environment on premise. In this day and age of fast digital growth and cloud computing, this is no longer advisable. An office building is not built for housing a first-rate, high availability datacenter. There are simply too many risks and disadvantages involved. Reason enough to choose a specialized datacenter.

1. Uptime

An external datacenter can guarantee a higher uptime than the organization themselves. The Uptime Institute compartmentalizes datacenters in tiers based on the availability offered by the datacenter. Availability says something about the maximum amount of downtime per year, and how the redundancy of resources is organized. The datacenters of The Datacenter Group are built according to the tier III standard. This means that clients can count on an availability of 99,999 percent, which boils down to a maximum downtime of 0,4 hours a year. In practice, The Datacenter Group has been offering 100% uptime since its founding. In part due to the fact that resources such as UPS systems and emergency power systems have been installed redundantly.

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2. Security

An external datacenter knows a high level of security. With an external datacenter such as those of The Datacenter Group, strict (biometric) access control is in place. There are countless cameras mounted in as well as around the datacenters. In addition, physical security is present 24/7/365. The chance of a stranger gaining unauthorized access to the building is pretty much zero. As opposed to a normal office building, where delivery people, maintenance crews and cleaning crews walk in and out on a daily basis.

3. Energy usage

Energy usage and cooling is much more efficient in an external datacenter than in an office building. A datacenter is basically a well-organized, efficient computer room. Datacenter owners can buy energy cheap for large groups of users, which causes them to profit from economies of scale. The Datacenter Group even uses sustainable wind energy. In addition, the cooling installation of a datacenter is much more efficient with less loss of cooling capacity. The Datacenter Group has developed its own sustainable and energy efficient system that uses adiabatic cooling (water and air). This creates the perfect climate for the equipment. A constant climate is hard to achieve in an office building, where cooling often consists of air-conditioners or chemicals. A disadvantage to this is that it causes a higher risk of calamity, and hardware has a shorter lifespan.

4. Saving costs

An office building is not fit to house a first-rate IT environment. Power outages, security, energy costs, cooling and floor load cause too high of a risk in the long-term. But perhaps the most important reason to house your IT environment with a specialized datacenter is the costs you can save. Because datacenter resources are efficiently deployed and spread out over a variety of users, a datacenter will almost always be cheaper than when you choose to keep your IT environment on premise.

Would you like to know what you can save and improve by migrating your IT environment to an external datacenter? The Datacenter Group would be glad to conduct a free audit that will clarify the pros and cons of outsourcing.

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