Is your organization prepared for the increase in data?

Smartphones, tablets, computers; where would we be without them. With the arrival of digital technology and its respective apps we live in a society in which we are constantly exchanging data. This explosive growth can be attributed to an increase in internet users, faster internet connections, and the time- and location-independent downloading of content.

To facilitate all this, organizations want to be able to trust in reliable and fast network connections.
The Datacenter Group anticipates these developments in the market. Within the datacenters of The Datacenter Group there is the AMS-IX platform. This solution enables the secure and direct peering with, among others, over 800 network and cloud providers.

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By using the AMS-IX connectivity via the datacenters of The Datacenter Group your organization gains the following benefits:

1. Low latency

To realize an optimal user experience, low latency is a must. The presence of AMS-IX in the datacenters of The Datacenter Group offers clients low latency and a reliable network. Low latency ensures data is transferred from A to B faster. Think of your own website or the webshop of your end user. A faster response time results in more conversions.

2. Cost efficient

Save money on your transit provider. They will calculate the internet usage based on the commitment you selected, while the exchange of traffic through the AMS-IX platform concerns a fixed monthly fee. In addition, a transit provider can unnecessarily delay online purchases, emails, or the search request of a user, by offering all available routes. A direct link with AMS-IX provides shorter network paths (lower latency) and one less step in the network chain results in fewer costs and more profit for your organization.

3. Always online

It’s not just important that your products and services are loaded quickly on your website, but the services of your end users – wherever they may be located – needs to always be available. The AMS-IX platform offers the option to exchange data with several providers. As a result of her redundant network infrastructure, AMS-IX offers a stable network with a high availability. This results in a constant uptime of for example your website, or your client’s services platform that runs in the cloud.

4. Exchange traffic with over 800 businesses

Due to the increasing presence of the cloud in data and IT services, it’s important to effortlessly gain access to different cloud applications. With one AMS-IX port you can exchange data with over 800 other parties from all over the world. Check here to see which other parties are connected.

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