The security layers of The Datacenter Group

The Datacenter Group applies security standards in different layers. Think for example of strict access control and surveillance. Only authorized personnel of our clients have access to the facilities. Our datacenters are equipped with several layers of physical security to guarantee this: a CCTV system (video surveillance) from entrance to data floor, biometric access control (up to the client’s rack) and monitoring 24/7/365.

At The Datacenter Group, there is security personnel on site to monitor camera footage, control access (on top of the biometric access control), walk surveillance rounds, and ensure adherence to our house rules 24/7/365. This means that should an incident occur that could pose a threat to continuity or availability, our engineers can act immediately. The employees all possess a certificate of good conduct, first aid, and training/certifications with regards to specific areas of expertise. They also take a variety of internal training such as a calamity training.

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The different layers of security listed:

  • Private property hermetically sealed by fencing
  • 500+ cameras in and around the datacenters
  • Sign up through secure customer portal
  • ID-check upon entry
  • Biometric access control in designated rooms
  • Secured server racks
  • 24/7/365 physical security
  • All staff equipped with certificate of good conduct
  • ISO certifications


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