The security layers of The Datacenter Group

Your valuable IT equipment and data are safe with The Datacenter Group. To be able to guarantee this we uphold a variety of security standards in different layers. This includes for example the security standards ISO27001, NEN7510 and PCI DSS, but we also look at the physical security of the building that houses our datacenter. We are happy to provide you with more details about how we guarantee the security of your equipment, data, and IT environment.

Physical security

Our datacenters are housed on private property that is hermetically sealed with a fence. The building and its direct surroundings are equipped with a CCTV system for video surveillance. From the access gate to the data floors: we see everything. Our biometric identification system ensures no unauthorized persons can go inside. In addition, security personnel are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They monitor the cameras, control who goes in and out (on top of the biometric access control), walk control rounds, and ensure our house rules are upheld by all visitors.

Should any unforeseen incidents do occur, that may pose a threat to continuity and availability, our security personnel can instantly intervene. They are all in possession of a certificate of good conduct, the relevant courses for business emergencies, as well as certificates on subject-specific expertise. In addition, our security personnel regularly follow internal trainings such as calamity trainings.

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Digital security

Pretty much anyone can start a datacenter, but certifications separate the wheat from the chaff. The datacenters of The Datacenter Group are certified in several information security standards that allow us to show that we offer a certain level of quality in the area of security. In the area of information security, we comply with the ISO27001 standard (information security) and the NEN7510 standard (information security in the healthcare sector). We are also complying with ISAE 3402 type II. This means that all our processes and measures of control are being checked by an external auditor. In addition, we are PCI DSS certified. This certificate guarantees our customers maximum security during financial transactions. All certifications are audited on an annual basis by an independent party.


In an indirect fashion we keep your IT environment safe due to the fact that our datacenters are geographically spread out. This allows us to offer an extremely high level of availability. Our datacenters are built according to the TIER 3 standard and we guarantee an uptime of 99,999 percent. Our equipment, such as USPs, emergency power generators and electric transformers are setup with multiple redundancy. This means that should a device experience a malfunction, your systems will continue to run as usual.

The different layers of security listed:

  • Private property hermetically sealed by fencing
  • 500+ cameras in and surrounding the datacenters
  • Sign up through secured customer portal
  • ID check at entrance
  • Biometric access control in designated rooms
  • Secured server racks
  • 24/7/365 physical security
  • Personnel in possession of certificate of good conduct
  • ISO-certifications


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