Which party can best help me setup my network?

When you’ve made the choice to collaborate with The Datacenter Group, you will be faced with the question: “which party can best help me setup my network?” Sometimes clients have got this all figured out but other times they don’t. Our subsidiary cloudscanner can offer the solution. The platform focuses on cloud services and their management.

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cloudscanner ensures that the supply and demand of cloud services is brought together. You can compare it to the booking.com of the cloud. It is the first cloud management platform in the Netherlands that offers an all-in-one service in the area of data management. The platform’s marketplace is grouped into categories such as: connectivity, dark fiber, DaaS, VM, IaaS, SecaaS, CaaS, VaaS, and CDN. A variety of partners offer services in these categories. Based on your personal preferences (filter system: technical demands, price, and compliance), you can easily choose a pary for the transport or storage of business data. This can help you make the right decision at a glance. The transition between private, hybrid, and public cloud is determined and managed.

This free and handy tool gives you the opportunity to compare, purchase, manage, and monitor all your cloud services in just one overview. You will no longer need to worry about a financial hassle due to our single-point-of-billing.

cloudscanner offers solutions from A to Z

The digital marketplace is developed for businesses that wish to purchase cloud- and related services such as backup, security, remote workplaces or connections, but also offers advice to your biggest IT issues. As a result of the large number of consultants and professionals, cloudscanner can quickly provide you with the solution you seek.

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Signing up with cloudscanner means:

  • Compare over 25.000 products from a variety of cloud suppliers
  • Create an unlimited number of projects
  • Assign budgets per project
  • Add an unlimited number of admins
  • Unlimited comparison in a diverse supply of cloud services
  • Unlimited closing of contracts
  • Ending contracts with the click of a button
  • Managing contracts and billing in one location
  • Easily pay for services via invoice or iDeal
  • Setting compliancy profiles per project
  • Use of a clear and efficient dashboard
  • Receive monthly news updates from the cloud world
  • Receive cloud support and consultancy
  • Free use of the cloud management platform


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