National Datacenter Day 2016 starts at The Datacenter Group Delft

During National Datacenter Day on June 14 2016 the majority of Dutch datacenters opens its doors to the public. This open house is organized among others by the DDA (Dutch Datacenter Association) and The Datacenter Group Delft. On this day the Dutch Datacenter Report 2016 will be presented to Remco Bosma, member of the parliamentary group VVD, at The Datacenter Group in Delft.

The purpose of National Datacenter Day is to bring Dutch datacenters to the attention of the (business) public in a positive way. Many people do not realize that their day to day proceedings are taking place with the help of datacenters. All this data (yours and mine) is stored in datacenters such as those from The Datacenter Group. Imagine work places in the Cloud, money transfers, calling road services in case of car trouble, pressing the emergency button in a hospital, or checking in and out of public transport with your OV-chipcard. In addition, all our smart devices are linked to the internet. This is also called the Internet of Things. In tomorrow’s world this will only keep increasing. Want to take a look at the center of the future? Sign up for a visit at The Datacenter Group Delft. For more information on the DDA please check here.

The new gold that’s called data

Last year the Dutch datacenter sector once again grew with double digits*. Datacenters play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Without online services the Netherlands would come to a halt. All services such as Cloud, mobile apps and other digital applications are run from datacenters. A good infrastructure is essential for these services to function well. Datacenters therefore form the foundation of our (digital) economy.

*Source: DDA