Innovation and digital transformation are key subjects in the area of IT. To be able to achieve this it is crucial that basic requirements such as infrastructure and storage are available in easily scalable solutions.


In our digital society, IT forms the backbone for the (semi-)government. Challenges in areas such as availability, security and reliability are the order of the day.


In the finance sector a lot is changing in the area of laws and regulations. This has consequences for the IT environments of banks and insurance companies. Data management, system integration, and digital transformation also all feature high on the digital agenda.


The reliability of IT systems is crucial in healthcare. Every second counts. By leaving the setup and management of the IT environment to specialized market operators, healthcare can focus on its core tasks.


Industrial automation merges with IT technology. Industry 4.0 ensures a link of components, machines and processes in order to improve and optimize existing production processes.


The corporate market requires widespread assistance in the are of IT services. It’s important to be able to act quickly in changing market circumstances, while guaranteeing the stability of the IT environment.