In the finance sector a lot is changing in the area of laws and regulations. This has consequences for the IT environments of banks and insurance companies. Data management, system integration, and digital transformation also all feature high on the digital agenda. With clients such as Brand New Day and Bunq, The Datacenter Group has brought knowledge and experience about these subjects into its Tier III datacenters. The PCI DSS certification ensures financial parties can outsource their IT environments in good conscience.

Pension insurers
Just like banks, pension insurers form an important part of our society. Securing and protecting personal data, and the swift conduct needed for investments, requires a complete IT infrastructure with fast and reliable network connections.
Our monetary system is ever becoming more digital. This is beneficial for consumers and saves on costs for banks. However, increasing digitization requires awareness and the careful handling of personal data. Unsurprising if you imagine that millions of people entrust banks with their personal details.
Brand New Day
The Dutch Brand New Day (BND) is on the road to become one of the top pension banks of the Netherlands, and as of now also has a banking license. The business is based in Amsterdam, has a pragmatic hands-on mentality and faces off in the pension world with other large insurance companies.
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