In our digital society, IT forms the backbone for the (semi-)government. Challenges in areas such as availability, security and reliability are the order of the day. The Datacenter Group offers specialized colocation solutions to these challenges. Parties such as public transporter GVB in Amsterdam and the Delfland Water Authority entrust us with their data, and we guarantee their service with the correct certifications.

Among citizens, municipalities are generally infamous for their bureaucratic and slow organizations. This despite the fact that many municipalities are engaged with digital transformations, and are trying to make their own IT infrastructure as well as that of the city, smarter. At the same time these digital developments also require more data storage and security of said storage.
Water authorities
What's more beautiful in the Netherlands than the way we handle water? The Dutch water authorities have a special job: they protect us from the power of nature with awesome technologies such as domotica or Internet of Things. As datacenter we are already helping a number of water authorities by informing them of technological possibilities and how they can best set up their business-critical infrastructure.
Hoogheemraadschap Delfland
About 1,2 million people live in the area managed by Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland, and roughly 40.000 businesses are situated there, among them the largest greenhouse area of our country. It’s a complex area in which Delfland ensures safety through sturdy dams and dikes, and dry feet thanks to pumping stations and a well-functioning water system.
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It is impossible to imagine the Amsterdam city streets without the familiar subways, busses, and trams from the GVB. Thousands of tourists, day trippers, and Amsterdam citizens make daily use of the GVB’s transport to reach their final destination. The use of the OV-chipcard (the dutch version of the Oyster Card) in our capital city is more of a rule than an exception.
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