Hosting and cloud providers

The majority of our clients are hosting and cloud providers. We were once a hosting provider, so we know exactly which requirements need to be met by a datacenter.

We offer secure and reliable housing for your server park, with 100% uptime and flexible growth opportunities. Your infrastructure is housed in our ‘cloudzone’. This is a data room equipped specifically for hosting and cloud providers.

In addition to the basic requirements, you will have a dedicated team of specialists at your disposal. They can help you with any sales, marketing, technical, and operational questions. Your support requests will always be answered within 24 hours and fiber patches are provisioned within a matter of days.

Would you like to expand to another datacenter or would you like to know how much money you can save by housing your servers with us? We can provide you with a migration business case in no time, which contains, among other things, the feasibility, investment, and action plan. This enables you to make a silent and problem-free migration to our datacenters.

Seven reasons why other cloud and hosting providers chose us:

  • 100% uptime / Tier III
  • 24/7 security and support
  • Migration business case
  • No price increase
  • Twin datacenter solution
  • Dedicated accountmanager
  • The right certifications

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