Industrial automation merges with IT technology. Industry 4.0 ensures a link of components, machines and processes in order to improve and optimize existing production processes. The exchange of all this data requires a secure and reliable environment. With its Tier III solution, The Datacenter Group offers these clients exactly what they need. Van het Hek and Allseas Engineering preceded you.

The engineering sector is continuously evolving, just like the technology behind it. Engineering is the engine of our society and ensures we can get from A to B. By connecting people, machines, and data with one another, your organization not only gains insight into their own business and production processes, but it also enables you to convert this data into concrete actions.
The idea that the construction industry consists solely of placing materials together has since become outdated. Nowadays, new (digital) technologies play an important part. It therefore does not come as a surprise that many construction businesses develop a digital branch and specialize in this. This requires new IT infrastructures that are both flexible and scalable. We can help with that.

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