Innovation and digital transformation are key subjects in the area of IT. To be able to achieve this it is crucial that basic requirements such as infrastructure and storage are available in easily scalable solutions. Colocation, a twin datacenter solution and redundancy are elements that play a part in this. The Daracenter Group offers Tier III-datacenter colocation solutions to clients such as Giant and TransIP, so they can focus on innovation and digitization. 

Hosting and cloud providers
The majority of our clients are hosting and cloud providers. We were once a hosting provider, so we know exactly which requirements need to be met by a datacenter.
Software providers
As software developer (SaaS) you want be assured that your customers or users can work with your software applications regardless of time or place. In addition, the software needs to always be available, and run in a safe place in the cloud. The Datacenter Group can provide this by offering secure and reliable colocation services.
IT service providers
Clients expect to be serviced completely in the area of IT. And rightly so! You as IT service provider can expect the same from us. We are working 24/7 to guarantee the continuity of your services and those of your clients. We do this by listening and by facilitating a secure, economical, and reliable environment for your IT equipment.
Europetrack, the software business from the Hague, stands for clear ride registration. Europetrack’s ride registration system helps customers save money on fuel by offering insights into driving behavior, hours, addition, and administration. In addition to kilometer administration, Europetrack also offers reports and the option to follow vehicles in real-time with track-and-trace.
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