Your IT is our business! Since our establishment in 2007 we guarantee excellent climate control and 100% availability to our clients. But most of all we offer a secure home for your IT environment. Don’t want to leave things to chance? We also offer a unique twin-datacenter solution, so your data is stored separately, and thus more secure.

The datacenters of The Datacenter Group offer high-quality colocation services. This means that we rent out space in our datacenters that’s equipped with all the necessities to keep your equipment online 24/7. We are able to give this guarantee because our infrastructure meets the highest availability requirements of the Tier 3 standard. In other words: all crucial requirements such as cooling, power supply, emergency power and UPS systems are completely in sync with one another in addition to being installed redundantly.

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A deal is a deal

When finalising arrangements, The Datacenter Group will provide an extensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). In this arrangement the services agreed upon, our methods and garantees are being described in detail – so you can be sure that these services are being delivered 24 / 7 and 365 days a year.



Our datacenters are secured by physical security on location 24/7/365. For security reasons it is only possible to enter the datacenters upon providing a valid ID. Our datacenters are equipped with several layers of physical security such as cameras and biometric access control. Visitors only gain access to authorized rooms necessary to their visit. Our security processes are guaranteed through our ISO 27001 certification, the standard for information security.

Redundant power supply

The Datacenter Group sets high standards for the quality and availability of its power supply. Our datacenters have realized an availability (uptime) of 100% since their founding. This is achieved in part by strict procedures, extensive external audits, regular checks, and the use of the newest technical infrastructure. One of these tests is the monthly Black Building test in which a power outage is simulated. In this way we check whether all emergency power systems are functioning according to the highest standards. During these tests our batteries, UPS’ (Uninterruptable Power Supply), diesel tanks, pumps, and emergency power generators are deployed.

Fire safety

All rooms in our datacenters are equipped with automatic extinguishing systems that are deployed in case of calamity according to the fire control protocol. In addition, all rooms feature CO2 extinguishers and a VESDA system (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus). This system measures the number of particles in the air through use of a laser, and it therefore able to detect a potential fire at a very early stage. Detection also occurs underneath the raised floor. In addition to these fully automatic systems, engineers are present 24/7, who will follow up on all fire alarms according to fire control procedures.

Sustainable cooling

The Datacenter Group has developed its own adiabatic climate control system that is currently being used at the Amsterdam and Delft locations. With this cooling system we can indirectly cool the IT equipment of our clients with outside air, which makes our datacenters energy efficient. This is shown by our PUE value, which is on average 1,15. We can confidently say our datacenters in Amsterdam and Delft are some of the most energy efficient datacenters in the Netherlands. In addition, the entire air treatment installation is set up based on an N+1 philosophy: for every critical part of our cooling installation, we run at least one backup system per data room.


Our offer
Server room

Clients can choose if they want an SLA that offers 2N or N+1. With this they are offered two completely separated 2×32 ampere power feeds. These feeds also have their own separated room dividers, UPS services and generators. In other words: double the assurance.

Shared space

The most commonly chosen colocation option is the shared space. With shared space you share a secured space with another organization. The data room is only accessible for authorized personnel and the racks are individually secured through combination locks.

Private Cage

A private cage is a reserved space in a data room just for you. Your racks are separated from the rest via a steel fencing construction. Only authorized personnel from your organization have access to the racks and cage.


A private suite is similar to a private cage. The difference is that your racks are in their own data room with their own entrance door. Only authorized personnel from your organization have access to the data room.

Remote Services

In addition to ensuring the security of our client’s IT environment, our engineers also offer a 24/7/365 Remote Hands Service, such as helping to resolve system malfunctions, installing racks, and connecting equipment.

Shop as a Service

In need of equipment to install your rack(s)? We have a variety of materials in store such as different types of PDUs, cable guides, standard cabling, earplugs, blind plates or tools.  Optionally we can also advise you on how to install and setup your rack(s).


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