All of The Datacenter Group’s datacenters are cloud- as well as carrier-neutral. This means that you are free to choose your desired connectivity provider and cloud provider. Should your desired or required provider not be present in our datacenter, we can help facilitate this. For internet providers we have special carrier deals. Please call us or contact us for more information.

We take a facilitating position and see it as our job to bring supply and demand together. We are happy to assist in finding the right partner in the areas of network and ICT architecture, system software, high performance hosting, database and application optimization, and VMWare.


The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world. In collaboration with AMS-IX The Datacenter Group can offer exclusive rack deals. Create a connection with over 800 global IP-networks. The exchange reaches traffic peaks of 5 Tbps.


The NL-ix (Neutral Internet Exchange) belongs to the top 5 internet exchanges in the world, with the European market as priority. They have over 500 members and reach traffic peaks of 8,9 Tbps. The 71 carrier-neutral datacenters -in which NL-ix has a POP- can be found in seven European countries.


The R-iX (Rotterdam Internet Exchange) is part of the NL-ix. The Rotterdam internet hub was initially established by the Rotterdam municipality. This exchange has 20 regional members. It is a redundant network situated in 13 Rotterdam datacenters.


The SPEED-IX network is a new player in the Dutch market. SPEED-IX is not commercial and is accessible to everyone. They offer free 10G peering ports with a 1G transport VLAN, in order to stimulate the peering market.

Microsoft Azure

When it comes to cloud services, Microsoft has it all. With a wide variety of services such as VMs, PaaS, and backup, they offer the widest selection of all providers. More information about hybrid solutions?


Amazon is market leader when we look at their cloud market share. They have quite a lot to offer, such as a very capable PaaS ecosystem, and Amazon specific services such as RDS and S3. More information about hybrid solutions?

IBM Cloud

IBM is known for their bare metal virtual servers. Within the IBM Cloud they offer all services previously available under SoftLayer, as well as their PaaS services such as the Bluemix platform. More information about hybrid solutions?

Google Cloud

The Google Cloud Platform has the same look and feel as their search engine. The focus is on ease of use and speed. Among other things, they offer a flexible virtual IaaS environment. More information about hybrid solutions?


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