As IT representative you are responsible for the functioning and security of your organization’s IT infrastructure. There is no need to tackle this alone. We have over 10 years experience with the cloud and the datacenter sector in general.

Whether it be questions such as:

  • Does our IT environment conform to the set requirements?
  • Is our network prepared for the data traffic of the future?
  • What constitutes good information security?
  • Are we moving the IT environment to a professional datacenter or will we keep it on premise?
  • Which parts of the environment will go to the private cloud and which applications do we house with a public cloud?

Whatever the question, our IT consultants are happy to assist in finding you the right (custom) solution.


IT Audit

Are you curious whether your internal datacenter or technical installations are still up to par? The Datacenter Group can perform a Quickscan for you. This is a scan based on the NEN-standard 3140. A specialist will fully inspect the electrical installations of your organization. Afterwards you will receive an advisory report with recommendations.

Cloud Consult

The expectation is that this hybrid mix will become the new standard the coming years, if it isn’t already. Choosing from a variety of parties can be complicated. Would you like to know how to create the best combination and what we can do for your private cloud? Together with cloudscanner we can offer a complete package.

Migration Consult

We know better than anyone that the migration of an IT infrastructure is a complex matter. We have already successfully guided several customer migrations. We can offer advice as well as support with the migration of your servers, furnishing racks, and/or setting up a structured action plan.


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