Migrating to a datacenter

The migration of your IT infrastructure doesn’t happen in a day. Migrating to a datacenter is a long-term project that is often underestimated. A good preparation and collaboration with the right partners is therefore an important prerequisite.

Qualitative research has taught us that many IT decision-makers would like to make the switch to a different or new datacenters because they are dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether you wish to get rid of your on-premise location, have a lack of space, are looking for a fallback location, feel like you’re not being taken seriously, or just want to work with a Dutch organization, The Datacenter Group is the right place for you.

We understand there is more involved than simply moving racks. We wish to alleviate all your concerns and will help you with these four cornerstones: risk reduction, saving on costs, efficiency, and security. After all, your data is your most valuable asset.

Migration service

The migration service of The Datacenter Group, also known as The M-Team, consists of specialists that have been conducting professional migration projects for years. The team creates a custom migration business case based on your specific requirements. They understand the risks and priorities and make sure your data transitions safely.

Our approach – 10 step migration

After we’ve gotten to know each other we will take a look at your targets and assess the current situation. We take inventory of all hardware, software, the current layout, backups and workloads running on the current system. We then take a look at what the desired situation would look like. Based on this we can develop a plan. The different phases of a migration process with The M-Team are as follows:


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  1. Get to know one another
  2. Take inventory of current situation
  3. Take inventory of new environment
  4. Map differences between old and new
  5. Design, validate, and plan project
  1. Implement solution
  2. Test solution
  3. Conduct migration
  4. Test new environment
  5. Finalize, accept, and evaluate
The M-Team of The Datacenter Group

Advantages of The M-Team

  • Guaranteed business continuity
  • Customized phased growth plan
  • Customized migration finalized from A to Z
  • Professional and flexible partners
  • Clear lines of communication and relationship manager

Advantages of The Datacenter Group

  • TIER 3
  • 100% uptime
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Cost-efficient: discounts on power, waves, and remote hands
  • A listening ear for customers (8,5 customer service rating)
  • Invests in long-term relationships
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