Datacenter Delft

You want certainty when it comes to your IT environment. The Datacenter Group offers a variety of datacenter services, from colocation to twin solutions. Because The Datacenter Group has four datacenters you can be assured of a solid geographic positioning, offering your IT systems both security as well as high availability.

Breeding ground for innovation

The Delft datacenter is located on the TU Delft Campus business park; a breeding ground for innovation, where large organizations such as Exact and 3M are situated as well.


The network infrastructure of South Holland is on par with that of Amsterdam. For example, the Delft datacenter also has a direct connection to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), providing you with access to over 800 networks of both national as well as international organizations, with traffic peaking at over 5 Terabits per second.

Water mist fire prevention system

The Delft datacenter features a water mist fire prevention system. This provides optimal fire safety using a minimal amount of water. The fine spray of water mist extracts oxygen from the fire, resulting in effective fire extinguishing. In addition, it is also possible to put out fires locally, without having to evacuate the data room, as is the case with gas extinguishing systems. The Datacenter Group has ten thousand liters of water on hand, and we have access to the water network at all times. In this way our fire extinguishing system is much more sustainable than a gas extinguishing installation, because gas cylinders will be empty after use and in need of replacement.

Remote Hands Service

At the Delft location The Datacenter Group offers a Remote Hands Service. This means you do not have to send your own staff to the datacenter to for example connect a cable. The facility engineers of The Datacenter Group can conduct activities for you such as changing hard drives, restarting servers, switching tapes, and connecting remote desktop hardware. This saves you a lot of time.

Custom-made cooling system

The Datacenter Group developed an innovative, energy efficient cooling system based on adiabatic cooling. With this system we can indirectly cool the IT equipment of our customers using outside air, which results in a more economical and sustainable datacenter. It also significantly reduces costs for our customers. This unique cooling system can also be found in the Delft datacenter.


The Delft datacenter was opened in 2012 and is located on the TU Delft Campus, about 15 minutes from Rotterdam The Hague Airport, The Hague, and Rotterdam. The datacenter has a surface area of about 5.000 m2 and is situated near the most important fiber optic ring in South Holland. The datacenter is easily accessible by car and public transport. Its proximity to Rotterdam The Hague Airport makes this datacenter an excellent choice for international customers.

Download factsheet Delft

Would you like to see the complete overview of the facilities, connections, certifications and layout of The Datacenter Group’s datacenter in Delft? Download the factsheet of this location below.