Datacenter Utrecht

You want certainty when it comes to your IT environment. The Datacenter Group offers a variety of datacenter services, from colocation to twin solutions. The Datacenter Group has four datacenters that ensure a solid geographic positioning, meaning your IT systems can count on optimal security and a high availability.

Central location

The Utrecht datacenter was acquired by The Datacenter Group in 2018 and has a surface area of 8.000 m2. This location is situated near the A2/A27 Everdingen junction. The datacenter is positioned at 2,4 meters above sea level. The Utrecht datacenter is therefore located on a strategic and central location in the Netherlands. The location is easily accessible by both car as well as public transport.

Above sea level

Situated 2,4 meters above AOD (Amsterdam Ordnance Datum) makes this our highest datacenter location. This offers the security that in case of flooding your IT systems will definitely remain dry.

Edge datacenter

Many customers have the need to process data as close to the source as possible. Regional datacenters such as The Datacenter Group Utrecht location will be playing a big part in this. By keeping computing capacity as close to the source of data as possible you create space on the network. This means a reduced use of bandwidth, which positively influences network latency.

Gas fire extinguishing installation

The Utrecht datacenter features an argon gas fire extinguishing installation that creates a low-oxygen environment in case of fire, quickly extinguishing fires. Because this method of extinguishing fires causes no damage to equipment, it is eminently suited to rooms with sensitive or valuable content, such as datacenter rooms.

Download factsheet Utrecht

Would you like to see the complete overview of the facilities, connections, certifications and layout of The Datacenter Group’s datacenter in Utrecht? Download the factsheet of this location below.