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Availability of your IT environment is crucial to your organization, yet a calamity can happen to any business, sometimes with severe (financial) consequences. Of course, you’d rather not think about that. With the colocation and twin datacenter concept of The Datacenter Group you are protected against a sudden unexpected outage of your IT systems.

Because our locations are physically separated and geographically spread out, we can offer you a high availability and reliability. We have datacenters in Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, so most likely there will always be one near you.

The necessity of a secondary location

The necessity of a secondary location can be calculated by a simple calculation and differs per organization. How much damage would your business suffer if your IT environment could not be used? This doesn’t only concern direct loss of income by customers not being able to do business with you, but for example also loss of reputation and possible fines or insurance claims. When you estimate all these costs and compare them to an investment into high availability and redundancy, you will know whether a secondary location is needed for your organization.

Reliability and availability

The four datacenters of The Datacenter Group are strategically spread out, ensuring customers always have access to local data processing within their own region. As a result of a direct connection to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), customers gain access to over 800 networks of both national as well as international parties.

In addition, The Datacenter Group provides a remote hands service, through which our facility engineers perform tasks for your organization within the datacenter. The facility engineers of The Datacenter Group can conduct services such as replacing hard drives, rebooting servers, switching tapes, and connecting remote desktop hardware. This saves you a lot of time.


The datacenters are almost all located near important traffic junctions and public transport. In addition, the Amsterdam location is situated near Schiphol Airport, and the datacenter in Rotterdam is located on the grounds next to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The excellent accessibility of the four locations make the datacenters of The Datacenter Group an ideal choice for national as well as international customers.

For a complete overview of the facilities, connections, certifications and layout of the datacenters, please download our fact sheets below.

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